Cyferd Lyte

Cyferd Lyte is a cloud-native digital transformation platform that gives you access to a suite of pre-built apps ready to use and expand.


The future of true no-code innovation for every business

App Builder

Build and share intuitive apps to help drive value from your data


Automate tasks with data workflows to improve productivity

Data Model

Share data across apps to better understand your data and relationships

Cloud-Native &
Secure by Design

A secure platform built to be cloud-native and mobile app compatible


Apps and platform are compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices


per year + VAT

Up to 25 user licenses
12-month minimum term
No hidden costs


Frequently Asked Questions

Cyferd Lyte is a version of the Cyferd Platform specifically targeted towards small to medium-size businesses.

Cyferd is a fast-growing software company founded by a leadership team with collectively over 150 years of experience spanning Data, Business Intelligence, and System Integration and we’ve invested in a team of Data Experts at Cyferd to solve customer challenges and drive digital transformation.

The cost of the Cyferd Lyte Platform is £12,500 + VAT per year. With Cyferd Lyte there are no hidden costs, and you don’t need to pay any day rate consultant fees as it’s so easy to use.

Our team has pre-built the apps on our platform, ready for immediate customer use. It’s the same software platform, just that we’ve done the application build-out for these solutions, so you don’t have to.

We have a suite of apps ready to deploy in a plug-and-play way with near-zero configuration required.

The list of apps is growing all the time, and our app development team uses the power of our platform to build these. We have apps for all industries including Education, Healthcare, Housing, Insurance, Financial, and Legal Services. They cover HR, CRM, IT help desk, ESG, etc. Contact our team for industry-specific apps.

Low-Code is the term that means that a software company has done almost all the code, but you may have to customize some areas for their own use, but still with a software developer.
No-Code – (what Cyferd offers) is a more complete offering, allowing you to tailor or configure your apps for use without any software development, and all implementation effort is simply “configuration” of data and settings from admin screens. The Cyferd Platform is No-Code.

We have a native mobile app for both Android and iOS platforms, for all smartphones and tablet devices.

Cyferd Customer

The future of true no-code innovation for every business

Hyde Group

Hyde is committed to being a truly customer-driven organisation; and as part of their ambition to improve customer experience, Hyde and Cyferd are working together to build, implement and manage new digital solutions.


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“Ease of use with minimal
technical knowledge”
Joanna B.
Property Analytics Lead
“Business transformation through no-code application development”
Rob H.
“Solves Data
Workflow Issues”
Lauren W.
Billing Specialist

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